Microsoft to give all 94,000 employees new Windows 8 PCs, phones

LA Times – Microsoft is giving its 94,000 employees enough new devices to supply a small American city, with each of them getting a new computer, tablet and smartphone.

The Redmond, Wash., company is getting ready for the big launch of Windows 8 and a slew of new products, and at the company’s meeting earlier this week, Microsoft told employees they’ll be getting new Windows 8 PCs, Windows 8 phones and the new Microsoft Surface tablet.

“Steve Ballmer acknowledged that Microsoft is on the eve of one of its greatest moments as it prepares to ship a remarkable lineup of devices and services,” said Lou Gellos, Microsoft’s director of corporate communications in an email statement.

“In order to make sure that employees have the latest and best technology to both be more productive and to be great evangelists, he announced that they would receive a new Windows 8 PC to replace their current work device, a new Windows 8 phone and a Microsoft Surface RT,” he said.

The company employs 94,000 people around the world full time, meaning Microsoft will be handing out about 282,000 Windows 8 products.

“Great Microsoft company meeting, even ignoring my onstage cameo and Ballmer’s generous Oprah-style hardware giveaways to all employees. ;” tweeted one employee.

Windows 8 launches in late October, and that’s around when the employees will get their new toys.


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